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What is Inbound Marketing? Find out what it is and what it does

Publicado em: 16.12.2022

Creating valuable content can be the key for your business.
To generate leads/contacts you need to know what to offer and who to offer it to. And this is where Inbound Marketing comes in.

But what is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a set of marketing strategies that is based on the idea of creating and sharing content aimed towards a specific target audience, to win over the customer in a direct way, creating a long-lasting relationship.
In Inbound Marketing you work with three main goals (and not only):
– Generate more leads
– Increase the number of business opportunities
– To materialize more sales
And we can also add: increase brand awareness, highlight company expertise, increase the number of followers and brand ambassadors, etc.

Steps of Inbound Marketing

For an Inbound strategy to be effective, we need to think about the step-by-step to conversion:

By following all the steps of Inbound Marketing, you can attract potential customers and convert them into leads, engage with them, close a sale and analyze the process to improve it further.

What’s Message in a Bottle suggestion?

We suggest an Inbound Marketing strategy with a focus on lead acquisition and nurturing through specific content – such as email marketing and the creation of conversion-focused landing pages for integration into both Social Media and paid campaigns.


Making every touchpoint whether on the website or at offline email collection points (phone bookings, email bookings, check-in time among others) part of the growth and loyalty strategy.
Inbound Marketing collects, nurtures and feeds an end-to-end communication strategy.
For this we need to map all these touch points and see how we can improve and thus develop an effective strategic communication and conversion plan.
Teams involved in the process:
– Guest Relations
– Guest Service
– Management
– Reception
– Reservations
– Sales
– Marketing

For example:
The reservations coming from OTA’s, with for example, are made by an encrypted email that is automatically deleted from their database after 3 months. And yet, according to the contract, the hotel should not send communications such as newsletter and email-marketing to the guest coming from this OTA.
With Inbound Marketing, we map these sensitive points, improving each process, so that finally, the guest gives us their own email, and thus, the possibility of starting our communication.

What solutions do we propose?

Marketing strategy and the development of the costumer journey according to each lead capture point, online and offline.
Integration of the website contact fields with the suggested platform
Creation of forms
Creation of 1 specific landing page for conversion into paid campaigns (Google Ads)
Lead segmentation through specific groups

Lead profile analysis
Email automation and development (copy and design)
. site visit | newsletter subscription request
. booking
. pre checkin
. post checkout
Importation of existing contacts

Monthly Follow-up:
Generating leads is not everything, you need to understand which of them are qualified and can become a potential customer. Therefore, we recommend at least three months of follow-up to have a more effective result.

To make it work:
We will define which content is relevant in the short, medium and long term
We will create a monthly content planning (newsletter, e-books or email marketing)
We will develop two monthly newsletter/e-mail marketing (design and copy)
We will be responsible for content automation and triggering
We will create continuous segmentation of the contacts captured
We track the acquisition of leads frequently through tracking both the website and the opening and interaction with the emails
All new qualified contacts will be shared with the company
Content analysis and performance
We will create Landing Pages that are important to achieve the objectives
A monthly meeting to report back and develop the strategy for the next month
Conversion and lead generation workshops
(Suggested teams: Guest Relations, Reservations, Sales and Marketing)

But the reality is that we can create an Inbound Marketing strategy adapted to any Tourism or Lifestyle business. Launch us the challenge and you will be surprised with the solutions we propose.

Are you interested in learning more about how our communication agency can consolidate your business or do you have any questions? Contact us here!