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10 social media trends for 2021

Publicado em: 13.11.2020

10 social media trends for 2021

2020 was not what we expected of it. It has been a roller coaster for everyone, but especially for marketers who have had to adapt all the work of a year to a new reality: Covid-19. The big social media companies have launched new tools, brands had to adapt their content, and the public has changed their consumer habits. But what does 2021 have in store for us? What trends should we keep an eye on, according to Talkwalker’s Social Media Trends 2021 report with HubSpot?


Conversational marketing

Involves creating a strong connection with the brand’s audience, building a close relationship through personalized content. It is no longer enough to launch the brand’s message on their social networks, it is necessary to create a conversation with their followers that considers their opinions and suggestions.

Nostalgia marketing

In times of uncertainty, people seek (even if unconsciously) what makes them happy – the same happens with brands, which will use their best memories to disconnect from reality. The good old days are back… who has seen Continente Christmas campaign?

The impact of socially conscious audiences

Talkwalker´s report and We Are Social UK Think Forward 2021 study converge: the power of online can be transformed into moments of great relevance in real life, offline. A great example of this? The #BlackLivesMatter movement. Social networking is a means of drawing attention to critical topics such as equality, mental health, inclusivity and social justice.

The rise of digital disinformation

2020 was marked by two main events: Covid-19 and the US elections, topics that made a lot of ink flow, including fake news and disinformation. Instagram has already developed and launched a tool that identifies content that may not be true and links it to reliable sources of information (such as WHO or DGS in Portugal in the case of the pandemic). It is in the hands of social media to draw the line between reality and fiction and to contribute to an enlightened and informed society.

Social media giants adapt to the new normal

The dominant social media companies will keep their place in 2021. They may have to create new features to keep pace with the new reality, but their importance will not wane in the coming years.

Memetic messaging

Goodbye emojis, hello memes, the new way to communicate. But they’re not only harmless and funny, memes can be used to vulgarize an idea or manipulate consumers, so in 2021 brands must be protected from memes.

Old-school marketing

Many of the trends in this list have emerged in response the pandemic. In marketing, disruptive ideas have been replaced by simpler methods of engagement such as tried-and-tested. The oldest and most important means of communicating a message – the voice – is back, hence the importance and growth of podcasts.

Social gaming

After months of obligatory confinement, video games have become another form of distraction. It is no longer about playing to win. Large communities and groups of fans have emerged around certain games like Fortnite or Animal Crossing, now online meeting places.

Remixing is the new user-generated content (content created by consumers and that brands share on their platflorms)

It’s not new that many brands already use it on their pages, however, now, through TikTok or Reels, it’s possible to give a new life to this content and reach a new audience.

The 4 Cs of Covid-19 content

Even if the pandemic disappears in 2021, it will leave its mark. Companies will have to adapt their communication to the new reality, keeping in mind 4 key words related to Covid-19:


  • Community
  • Contactless
  • Cleanliness
  • Compassion


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