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Content Creation

We produce relevant and impactful content!

We are experts storytellers. In current times, content has a fundamental role in the sustainable growth of brands and companies, enhancing interaction and loyalty with customers.

Content Creation Services – At Message in a Bottle we know how to tell a good story and we craft this story taking into account the best SEO practices and strategies while at the same time being able to guarantee an engaging, easy, and most importantly, credible reading.

In our content creation process we follow a strategy that takes into account three pillars: the message that the client wants to convey, the way the reader / client should perceive it, and the algorithms of the main search engines.

Based on these definitions, we are able to deliver original content that have success and impact in the different digital outlets. At the same time, we are able to promote the reputation and visibility of brands or companies while improving organic positioning in search engines such as Google.