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To be or not to be: is TikTok a must for brands?

Publicado em: 15.04.2024

TikTok is a social network that has expanded greatly in a short space of time, possibly with a strong contribution from the pandemic. In quantitative terms, Facebook and Instagram took almost a decade to gather hundreds of millions of users, while TikTok did so in just 4 years, according to data from Tridens Technology. What is certain is that people and brands are increasingly embracing this social network. For example, in 2023, TikTok was downloaded 3.5 billion times, with more than 3.3 million active users in Portugal and 1.7 billion worldwide. 


With this exponential growth, brands have spotted an opportunity in this platform. But the question is: is TikTok a must-have for brands?


A large part of a brand’s marketing strategy involves, or should involve, social networks, and if companies don’t keep up with emerging trends, they run the risk of falling by the wayside. This application is present on many mobile phones and there’s no denying the impact it has and the advantages it can bring to brands.


Short, vertical and auto-playing: TikTok videos are addictive and the only thing separating one video from another is a scroll, which proves that this application is user-friendly. Let’s not forget the fundamental part – all published content has an organic reach – even the smallest accounts can reach millions of views, due to the algorithm specially designed for this platform. It should be noted that the costs of producing content are relatively low, making this social network highly profitable.


On TikTok you can find all kinds of content – informative, humorous, challenges, dances and more. There are videos for all tastes. Although there is no formula for success, there are two key elements: creativity and humour! And this is where brands should focus. Humour is a highly captivating state of mind, and when used correctly it is the perfect ally for well-being and relaxation, which are important motivations for anyone using any social network. That said, the secret is here: funny, authentic and highly creative videos to engage the public.

But how should brands act on this social network? The most logical answer would be “Like they do on any other”, but no. On TikTok, the panorama changes somewhat, since users expect to see less formal and much more authentic content, unlike Instagram, where the public is looking for aesthetically appealing shares. 


Brands should also embrace the language used on the platform and, above all, create content exclusively for this social network, since sharing content from other platforms usually doesn’t work (don’t forget, the algorithm is specially designed!). 


One last piece of advice: never miss a challenge and catch up on all the viral trends and sounds, so you’re always up to date and the likelihood of it going viral is much greater.


By being present on TikTok, you’ll be increasing brand awareness and generating engagement, which in itself improves brand positioning. Note that hard-selling strategies and paid content don’t work very well. The secret lies in authentic, dynamic and creative content. In answer to the initial question: yes, if it makes sense and is in line with the company’s target and objectives, brands should be present and include this social network in their marketing plan, regardless of the industry. 


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