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5 PR and Media Relations Trends for 2021

Publicado em: 26.02.2021


2020 was a challenging year, a year of hardship and obligation. But it was, above all, a year that forced us to stop. To stop to take stock and to take something positive out of a situation as devastating as a global pandemic. Crisis are the times when, in a climate of tension and uncertainty, companies and brands are taken out of their comfort zones and are forced to rethink their strategy. In this post we will explain the points that Public Relations and Media Relations departments should be aware of.

These are the five key trends to put into practice in 2021:


  • The importance of the message

The clarity of the message is fundamental. However, in 2021 we saw several situations that made communication professionals have to worry not only about the message but also about its transmission.

Let’s look at the example of communication by the portuguese government in the middle of a pandemic: it’s not explicit, it’s not clear, and it’s often misleading to the point of raising doubts in the country. Therefore, we ask for clarity and objectivity in the transmission of the message, and that it is worked on in an excellent way by the professionals to ensure its successful transmission. If the transmission of the message fails, there is no Communication.


  • What to communicate in 2021?

2021 is a year in which brands will have some difficulty in understanding what they should communicate and how they should differentiate themselves in the media market. The answer is simple: communicate their values.

From diversity, equality and inclusion, to sustainability and social responsibility issues. Currently, the predominant media topic is Covid-19 and all other issues concerning the social and global sphere have taken a back seat.

Remember, for example, the fight by young Europeans against climate change, which became the subject of debate at the UN and was on the pages of the world’s major newspapers. Right now, the topics of debate are about the pandemic, and so are the main news stories. However, brands should pay special attention when the pandemic is over, because the themes of social values will return to the media sphere and that’s where brands should communicate them.


  • The Press Release

Press Releases as we know them are outdated and must therefore undergo some changes.

In 2021, the trend is for PR’s to have a strong visual component and emotive and appealing language, in order to capture the attention of those who receive thousands of PR’s per day.

Making an aesthetically appealing Press Release that contains images or, preferably, video is important.

However, along with the visual component and the language, in 2021 the Press Releases will also be personalized. Personalization has been gaining prominence due to its effectiveness, especially in Digital Marketing, and will be, starting this year, present in the area of Public Relations.


  • Hybrid Events

A trend in 2020 that will become more pronounced in 2021. Hybrid events are clearly the result of Public Relations reinvention. Unable to organize press conferences, congresses and lectures, brands and communication agencies started to bet not only on virtual events (entirely online) but also on hybrid events with only a small number of people in a physical space for security reasons and the rest of the audience watching online. This trend is expected to continue even post-pandemic.


  • Relationship Communication Agencies and Marketing Departments

Marketing focuses on sales and Communication on image management and brand reputation. In 2021, these two areas will be key and will have to come together – even more so – to overcome the Covid-19 crisis and meet the expectations of brands and customers.


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