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The importance of a good briefing

Publicado em: 16.08.2021

Our lives would be much simpler if we reduced our communication problems. Knowing how to verbally express what we need, what bothers us, what our limits are, is crucial in any relationship, be it a working, emotional or temporary one.

Among hundreds of communication tools, the briefing emerges as a key piece in the communication between client and creative. Although it is very common in areas involving creativity, such as web design, this document could be useful in hundreds of other professions. After all, just as communication needs to respond to marketing strategies, the master builder needs to guide his employees on where the walls are to be erected, the sous-chef must understand how his chef’s dish is to be prepared, the player must understand what kind of moves are expected by his coach, the bass player needs to understand what his conductor wants in a symphony, and the designer needs to understand what the marketing director wants to communicate when creating his brand’s logo.

We could go further. The briefing is always present, but often exists in an informal way: a face-to-face conversation, a phone call, a team meeting, etc. However, its documentation is important to manage thoughts and processes.


– Is there a visual identity to be followed?

– What is the format of the graphic piece?

– Who is this communication intended for (target)?

– Should this piece follow the concept of previous communications?

– Are there visual references to be followed?

– What is the main information to be transmitted?


Questions like these can be used as the basis for preparing a briefing, which should be adapted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of work to be developed. Often a face-to-face conversation or sample answers can help the client respond appropriately and completely to the information needed to create in a concise, assertive and, most importantly, relevant manner.

Often, when we are involved with the work or have been in the same business for several years, we assume that certain questions or answers are obvious, but we should not fall into this trap.

The creation of a great project always depends on the partnership between client and agency. The first to provide the information that only he knows as the business owner, and the second to retain as much information as possible and reduce the number of creative hypotheses. And don’t worry! Doing a briefing doesn’t limit creativity, it only enriches the options through which to move forward. As for example, in Visual Communication or in the creation of a brand’s Visual Identity, it is important that the path to production be rich in information, in order to set the designer on the path to success for the desired result.

Never fail to ask for a briefing, never fail to answer a question in the best way. A work of excellence depends on everyone involved.