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Digital Nomad

Publicado em: 19.03.2021


What is a Digital Nomad?

Known as “children of technology,” digital nomads, as the name implies, are people who take advantage of technology to work remotely without having the need to grow roots in one place, and to do so, they do not rely on a fixed base for this. However, they’re very dependent on mobile devices and the internet, often considered as “chair-hoppers in cafes” from where they work via wi-fi.

They own their time, live with their job in their backpack, and choose their favorite city or country to live in. They don’t live like tourists because they have a schedule to keep, but they can often have that connotation. The truth is that they can work under a splendid sun, take breaks in crystal blue waters, and live with slippers on their feet.

Although this idea is very romanticized, we can already find many people working like this in all cities, whether in cafes, terraces, or hotels. There is even a network of “Selina” hotels all over the world where these digital nomads have a strong presence and some benefits for them such as the offer of accommodation in exchange for working a few hours in these hotels.


Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Digital Nomad:

It may sound very Utopian for those who are fed up with a “traditional” 9 to 6 work routine, but the life of a digital nomad, like everything in life, has its advantages and disadvantages.


3 advantages:

1- Schedule flexibility. They own their time, make their own schedules and can organize them the way they think best (mind you it may not be an easy task).

2- Work is not valued by the hours worked. Here the hours that one may be in the “office” are not counted, but by the final result that is presented. The work itself is the exclusive factor of its performance.

3- Being able to travel full time. Having the possibility to live anywhere in the world, where it is possible to have mobile network is to have the experience of living like a local, and you can also have the advantage of choosing a place more suitable to your lifestyle. (Cheaper when you get less).


3 Disadvantages:

1- Requires a lot of organization, not having a 9 to 6 schedule forces more discipline.

2- Technical difficulties. The internet connection appears as the only source of connection to the world, having some problems like weak or even non-existent wi-fi can be a real battle. So the place where you travel has to be well thought out, because not all places are enabled for this lifestyle.

3- Loneliness. This can be pointed as the main difficulty for the great majority of digital nomads. A life full of adventures and experiences means fewer ties and fewer deep roots. No matter how many people you know, at any moment this feeling will arise.


How can you become a Digital Nomad?

For starters, it’s important to point out that only a few jobs can fit this nomadic lifestyle, these are mostly creative jobs that only rely on a computer or a cell phone to work. These can be design, content creation, photography, social media management, or even programming.

These are some of the easiest jobs for those who work remotely, without necessarily having a more cooperative component like positions in architecture or engineering projects that require a greater physical presence and coordination.

However, if you want to dedicate your life to traveling and you have a job like the ones above you can always try to negotiate with your employer a remote work regime, respecting goals and deadlines necessary to accomplish the established work.

From that point on you only need to meet these requirements to start your new life:

 – Mobile devices such as computer, smartphone or tablet depending on your needs.

– A good internet hotspot.

– Headphones with a microphone for your meetings.

– Portable chargers and extra batteries.

– Management software, which allows you to organize your work.

– Necessary documentation, passport and vaccinations (if needed)

– Maintain a fixed address to be able to receive all kinds of correspondence, letters, invoices or services (Or rent a mailing address).

 These are some of the requirements to become a digital nomad, it is a complex job and requires a lot of hard work and organization.

But if your happiness lies in free schedules and being your own boss, you need to invest time, learn new skills and study ways to make more money online.


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