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Gastronomic communication: not only food feeds a restaurant

Publicado em: 04.11.2021

Today, in the restaurant world, changes happen faster and solutions to challenges become ineffective very quickly. Competitiveness increases day by day and customers are more and more demanding: not only in what they consume on a gastronomic level, but also in terms of communication. In a feed populated by nigiris that carry the aroma of Japan and pastas that promise trips to the flavors of the Corleone’s Sicily, vegetarian dishes that are flagships of sustainability, and traditional foods as strongholds of authenticity, a restaurant cannot only exist. It has to communicate.

Communication agencies offer strategies that can add value to a restaurant’s products and services. Through Digital Marketing, Press Advisory, Branding, and Design strategies, a restaurant can get across to customers all that it is – even what cannot be proven.

A communications agency can identify customer needs and wants, and develop a communication that is appropriate for a target market. The gastronomy industry needs creativity, organization and strategies to design, produce and sell successful products.

But a good Digital Marketing strategy will also allow a restaurant to transmit its values, its identity, and the experience it provides. The production and careful choice of photographs, as well as the writing of copies – the small texts for social networks -, the interactions with the public and the development of a global strategy, are fundamental parts of this work. When thought for different times of the year, for different gastronomic offers, but also to coherently transmit the atmosphere of a space, the publications on social networks are postcards of everything that is and is not in a dish, but that makes a restaurant: and that leads people to visit it.

Design complements this work in the creation of a visual identity that, through the choice of a color palette, the design of a logo or the construction of menus, communicates the concept and the spirit of the restaurant. And the Press Office reinforces the communication, bringing the news of the space to an audience eager for news. Through the media, but also through Digital Influencers, a good Press Relations strategy turns a restaurant into something the public has to know.

The gastronomic communication comes, therefore, to work not only the tangible – the dishes, the space, the novelties – but also the desires, emotions, sensations and experiences of a possible consumer public. By conveying the essence of a restaurant, a communication strategy underlines what it already is, but that a customer wouldn’t know until he visits it: it reinforces the green spirit of the already green vegan dishes, creates digital families around family restaurants, Americanizes the most American diners. Then it’s time for the food to speak for itself.

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